Q. Does my venue need an active internet connection for Ki Wireless to work?

A. Yes, an active internet connection is required.

Q. Does the Ki Wireless package include an active internet connection?

A. No, Ki Wireless is not an internet service provider (ISP) and does not provide an internet link to your venue.

Q. Do I need any wireless hardware?

A. No, every Ki Wireless subscription includes a wireless access point.

Q. What are 'known customers'?

A. Known customers are people that have visited your venue and connected to the WiFi, opting into your network and to receive marketing communications.

Q. Can I export data from the dashboard?

A. Yes, data can be easily exported and uploaded into a CRM or another business system.

Q. What if a customer wants to opt-out from receiving marketing communications?

A. Customers receive an automated message when they first connect, reminding them that they have opted-in to receive communications and promotions along with a link which they can use to unsubscribe.