Guest WiFi solutions that supercharge your business with a powerful analytics and marketing platform.

For shopping centres, cafes, hotels, events, restaurants and more!



Social WiFi lets visitors access WiFi using their social media account or email. 

Social check-in features turn your WiFi into a powerful social media tool, and helps enrich understanding of your customer profile.

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Campaign features let you market directly to customers that have opted-in to your network.

Location based triggers can even send customers promotions when they enter or exit your venue.



Analytics are surfaced in the Ki dashboard providing valuable insights.

Discover footfall, dwell-times, walk-by conversions, loyalty and more. Measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Today's customers not only want, but expect, free WiFi. Don't let your wireless be an expense that provides little value or return. Leverage some of the most advanced technology around and turn your WiFi into a powerful tool for your business.

Visitors who use their smartphones in a store are 14% more likely to make a purchase from that retailer.
— Deloitte

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