Ki Metrics


Foot Traffic

A snapshot of all WiFi-enabled devices in your venue.


Daily Visitors

How many visitors were in your establishment throughout the day.


Visitor Duration

The length of time that customers spend in your venue.


Breakdown of new versus repeat customers.


See the number of potential customers passing by your venue.

WiFi Sign-ins

See how many customers are utilising your free WiFi.

Ki Dashboard

View all the anonymous data and metrics that you have collected


Benchmark and Track Marketing Initiatives: Use your data to answer important questions. 

  • Are your promotions actually getting more customers through the door?
  • Is promotion A more effective than promotion B?
  • Does your new layout make customers stay longer and spend more? 

Compare Data: Compare your venue's historical data with specific times frames, or even compare different venues. 

Improve Your Business: Identify trends and pattern that will help highlight your business's strengths and weaknesses.