Hyper-Targeted and Location-based Marketing

Creating a win-win for businesses and their customers

Real-Time Campaigns

Location based triggers can push promotions to known customers when they enter or exit your venues. Maximise the impact of your marketing by reaching your customers when they are in proximity of your goods or services.

Global Campaigns

Reach known customers that are not in your venue. Automatically deliver incentives to known customers that haven't visited recently and encourage them to return to your business. Notify all known customers of an upcoming sale.



Create and run multiple campaigns simultaneously, run them indefinitely or only during a specific timeframe. Set location based triggers to push communications to known customers when they enter or exit, or to known customers that haven't visited in a while.


Direct your campaigns to specific segments based on age, gender, and number of visits. Choose how you want to deliver your message and reach your audience: email, SMS, and Twitter, and set an order of preference. 


Example Use Cases

Create a real-time campaign targeting females that are new customers.

Create a global campaign targeting customers that haven't visited in 90 days.

Jill enters your venue for the first time and connects to the WiFi.

The campaign platform automatically identifies that John has not visited in 90 days.

Jill receives a push message offering a first-time discount and an incentive to return.

John receives a push message with a limited time offer, creating a big incentive to visit.