Available as part of the Ki Foundation wireless solution!

Facebook Login Page

Guests connect to your WiFi with their Facebook account and check into your business Facebook page in return for free WiFi.

  • Customers are directed to your business Facebook page when they go to connect to the WiFi
  • Customers check-in but will also have the opportunity to 'like' your page
  • No need to give out WiFi network passwords or create accounts.
  • Customers can explore your Facebook page and then continue browsing.

The User Journey

Boost Social Presence

Expand your social presence by allowing customers to connect with their Facebook accounts.

  • Increase Facebook impressions by seamlessly encouraging likes and check-ins
  • Multiply brand awareness by virtual word-of-mouth when guests show their friends they visited your location in their News Feed
  • Add to your Facebook page insights which provide you aggregate demographic data, like age and gender 
  • Improve your ranking on Facebook's Nearby Places feature


Content Filtering

Content filtering is essential when offering guest WiFi to ensure the integrity of your network.

  • Block adult related material to ensure your network is not used to access pornographic or gambling material
  • Stop bandwidth hogs like torrents and P2P sites that can be used for illegal downloads
  • Prevent malicious activity and help protect users from known virus propagation, botnets, and phishing sites
  • Remove access to proxies and anonymizers that users may try to use to circumvent filtering.